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We are pleased to state that the Centre has now come to complete 50 long years of its Establishment and that its work and history of these Golden 5 decades are a proof enough of its achievements and attachments in the field of Indian Astrology, Spiritualism, religion, Vastu & Numerology. We are proud to claim that this Centre has taken the Indian Astrology’s Message to beyond the Borders of the Country to about 160 Countries of the World.

This Centre happens to be the first Institute of its kind in the World. It is creditable that the cause of Spiritualism initiated by “Dr. Radha Krishan Shrimali” has since been furthered admirably and put on the right lines by the first young Astrologer “Shri Suresh Shrimali” a shining young star on the firmament of Astrological Science, who has since been encouraging and inspiring lacs of devotees and followers all over the World.

Talking in terms of Objectives and Activities, we might say that the Centre is devoted in its work purely with a Mission of service and not for any material motives. The Mission includes regular distribution of knowledge and awareness through various means of media like Tele Vision, Newspapers, Magazines & other such means of Communications. Other activities of the Centre includes holding of Camps for the devotees regarding their various problem related to Astrology Vastu & Numerology.

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