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To attempt to provide necessary guidance and direction to the students desirous of improving their educational qualifications and to pave the way for their professional growth and improvement is the main objective of the centre. The one single reason why India enjoyed the status of the teacher of the world or the world teacher in olden days, was the wealth of knowledge it had.
After the achievement of independence the traditional and the spiritual knowledge was kept shut up in the books and scriptures. To restore this traditional knowledge to its original glory and to make continuous efforts to revive it if, this centre has decided to initiate the curriculum of Astrology.

Showing far-sightedness the Rajasthan Government made a declaration in the year 2004 that Ved Vidyalayas will be opened in every district of the state. Encouraged by this ambitious plan of the state this centre has taken initiative to establish, in the field of Astrology, a balance between the traditional knowledge and the modern techniques.

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