Marriage & Children

An old joke goes, if you get married to the right person, then you are “complete” and if you don’t you are “finished”! On a more serious note, since marriage is one of the biggest decisions of life, it is important to find the right person to settle down with. Our astrologers can help you decide. And, if you have been waiting to hold that curious, cuddly bundle of joy, our astrologers shall bring you the best advice too.

You can get solutions to

  • Marriage-related concerns
  • Conception issues
  • Puzzling questions about your child’s future and education

Parenting problems

Which parent doesn’t want their child to be happiest in the world? But, there are vantage point differences due to generation gap. Strengthening bond with your children is all what you need. Our ast...
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Know your child’s future

Well, every parent is keen to know about their child’s future, innate capabilities, fate. Astrology has all the answers, thankfully. Being an informed parent is always better than regretful parent....
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Child birth issue

A child certainly strengthens the bond of a husband and wife. Our astrologer will suggest you ways to overcome cosmic barriers. He will analyze the situation for the couple on the basis of the horosco...
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Remarry or not?

Want to know if life will give you a second chance or not. Talk to our astrologer about remarriage prospects. Get to know about probable spouse, time-frame, along with solutions to overcome cosmic bar...
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Resolve all sorts of Kundali Dosha

It is possible that your marriage is getting delayed due to some specific Kundali Dosha. Our astrologer will recommend you certain gemstones or yantras to get rid of them. He will also ensure that you...
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Unable to decide which course?

There are times when confusion and chaos blocks your way to decision. Right decisions at right time take you close to success. Our astrologer will acquaint you with which career options align with you...
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Move abroad or not?

Thinking to move abroad, but some or the other thought/thing is keeping you from taking that major step. Your stars also have a say in this, don’t ignore that. Our astrologer will help you understan...
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Couple analysis through horoscope

Your individual differences might be causing troubles in your relationship. It’s time to handle it maturely. Our astrologer would be glad to help you out by analyzing horoscope, which will acquaint ...
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Match horoscope

Match horoscope before marriage in order to check how compatible you are with that person. It saves you from marrying the wrong person along with the lifelong pain of a bad decision....
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Problematic married life?

Every problem has a solution. Let us help you make peace with him/her through astrological analysis. The problems between you two could be due to planetary influences. We will help you resolve all of ...
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Marriage prospects

Unable to understand why is your marriage getting delayed? Our astrologer will familiarize you with the reasons behind these hurdles. And how could you nullify planetary influences. Moreover, you can ...
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