Aanth Mukhi Rudraksh (Gold)


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This Rudraksha is the representative of Devi. It ashta is known for its file in out acquisition of knowledge, in causing peace of our mind and in helping us in the concentration of mind. Those who are keen for their kundalini Jagaran yoga must wear this Rudraksha. For those involved in business, it is quite propitious and for those who are involved in speculation, share market, race course and other such occupations where you get money + wealth overnight, it can prove an infallible boon. This Rudraksha is annihilator of obstacles and it can undo the effects of Tantras.
From the point of view of the medicinal use, this Rudraksha can prove useful in paralysis etc. Its representative Graha or Planet is Rahu. Its propitiation Mantra is “Oum Hrin Hun Namah”.


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