Do mukhi Rudraksh (Silver)


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This bead is rather easily available. It is generally found in a flat shape. Whereas it has the power to bring in prosperity and security. It has the capacity to cast a spell also.
For women, it is a promoter of health and ..
The wearer of this Rudraksha is generally popular, wealthy, prosperous, healthy and a passionate devotee and worshipped.
According to some celebrated works, this Rudraksha has got the divine grace both of Shiva and Shakti i.e. Goodness and Power. That is why it proves to be very effective in promoting matrimonial love & sense of brotherhood. It has also proved to be a source + force in keeping masses under a spell.
Whatever it may be, it is proven fact that if a person wears a two-striped Rudraksha he generates influence and attains success in practical life.
For the devotees of Lord Shiva wearing this Rudraksha is more desirable because this rosary helps bring down the passions and thereby helping the wearer develop concentration, mental peace & spiritualism and facilitate the exercise of kundalini Jagaran. The symbol of the power + might of Shiva, this Rudraksha is used in casting a spell on others.
Talking in the health context, it may be said that this Rudraksha is used to cure cold, cough and other abdominal ailments especially in constipation. Its basic mantra which is used to proptiale gods is Oum Namah.


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