Dusmahavidhya Sadhna


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DushMahavidya Practices of those devotees who are knowledgeable in the field of Sadhana, there should be nobody who may not be familiar with Dusmahavidyas. The names of Dasmahavidya sadhnas are as follows.
Kali Sadhna
Tara Sadhana
Shodhsi Sadhana
Bhuwaneshari Sadhana
Chhinna masta Sadhan
Trupur Bhairani Sadhana
Dhoomarati Sadhana
Baglamukhi Sadhana
Shri Matangi Sadhana
Kamla Sadhana
In this book complete information of knowledge in respect of all these 10 Sadhanas have been given. The book is going to fate in the hands of the readers soon.


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