Ek Mukhi Rudraksh (Gold)


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Although Rudraksha is considered to be symbolic form of Lord Shiva + is considered to be a fond ornament of the Lord Shiva and is also wondered as a centre point of Lord Shivas might + power, it should not be forgotten that every bead of the rosary has got in itself the powers of some other gods/ goddess depending upon the nature of stripes on it.
No doubt it is true that where there is Lord Shiva, there is power, but the power of other gods is also invested in some beads some times as per the character of the stripes.
From this point of the single striped bead is the best amongst others.
Although it is a rarity new, but if somebody finds it. It should proves a god sent boon for him.
The devotee + worshipper and wearer of Rudraksha finds himself / herself free of all tensions + troubles. The wearer of the Rudraksha affairs spiritual knowledge and material wealth on account of its influence of all the categories of the Rudraksha, singlestriped bead is the best one. It has been mostly found in two forms or shapes i/ round + ii/ semi circular.
The wearer of the single striped Rudraksha never experiences want of material things and by wearing it he she is blessed with cheerfulness in mind, grace of the Goddess Laxmi, redemption from disease, a brightening up in personality, victory over the enemy and with fulfillment of ones wishes + desires.
Rudraksha is a true symbol of Lord Shiva. Its representative Graha is the red-hued rising sun. It annihilates the diseases or afflictions the Asthmas or Tuberculosis. In addition to this if proves useful in the case of several disease of the eye, headache + liver. If this single striped Rudraksha is not available, then the eleven striped Rudraksha can be used in its place. Before using any Rudraksha or wearing its rosary, there is a complete provision of the procedure for its consecration or its observance, the exchange of its Mantra or the essential Mantra meant for propitiating the deity, entrustment of the Mantra. The sacred body touch and the necessary meditation etc. however, the Jap or Prayer Mantras of the single striped Rudraksha is Oum Hreeenh Namah.


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