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Feng Shui-151 Swarnim Sutras 151 Golden clues of Feng Shui
As is suggested by the very name itself, this book is a collection of wonderfully energising formulae the extent of onefit that can be derived from these clues is beyond our imagination. The author has put in this book the essence of his life time experiences and researches. The book or pheng Shui is first of its kind the biggest specialty of this book is that it has been classified formula or clue wise. You can bring about happiness in life with the help of 151 clues given in the book include the points of queries like what should be done in the house on order to remove the vastu defects, what things should be where in the house, what should be done in order to get wealth what devices?, Thus the specially that distinguishes this book from others. Where as this specialty gives if a separate identity on the one hand, it makes the book to be a book of the lay man, book of the masses. The book of the masses because language of every sutra or clue is so easy and
simple that even common man can understand it very easily. It is for the first time that the deep mysteries of the subject of Feng Shui have been revealed the sole objective of the writer or Radha Krishna Shrimali of the editor Suresh Shrimali behind the book being to suggest easy remedies ways for the serious compilations and problems of life.
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