Jyotish Dwara Kamna Siddhi


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Wish fulfilling through Astrology is Astrology helpful in fulfilling the wishes of the human beings ? what solution is possible to various problems ?
Light has been thrown is a comprehensive manner on various measures or remedies like Maha mritunjay vidhan, ratna dhavan, omkar sadhan and prait badha etc in respect of Bhav Phal, Grah doash (Planetary flaws ) Grahon ki shanti (Plentary quiescence) as also in respect of Graha Tyag (Home Quitting). Bhagyoday (Providential bliss or prosperity) Arth socket (Economic crisis). Griha kalah (family troubles) as also for favorable results in (House construction), conveyance facility (vahan prapti), videshatan (Foreign travels) kamna poorti (fulfillment of wishes).


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