Kalsarp Dosh Nivarak Yantra Pendent (Silver)


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The most dangerous and painful combination of the astrological phenomenon is the kaalsarpyoga. This combination does give success o the subject, but it, at the same time, prevents him too from achieving some important things. It taken one to the highest point in life but then it knocks him back, too on the ground when all the plants of the Horoscope come to be stalled between Rahu+Ketu. The situation, astrologically, is called kaal sarpyog. To evade its adverse effects some learned astrologer may be consulted for an early remedy. Out here at our centre, we have got a sure cure. We have got, what is known as, the kaal sarp locket. This locket has been created / constructed after being duly consecrated with Mantras etc. The adverse effects of the kaal sarp yoga start vanishing by and by as son after the subject starts wearing it.


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