Kal Sarp Yog



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Kal sarpa yoga is a highly malignant conjunction. In this combination when all the planets get aspected between Rahu and Ketu, it is called a kal sarpa yoga. But it may be noted that the planet Rahu always moves reversely. This implies many combinations of both auspicious of ominous kind. Kala sarpa yoga is the chief amongst malignant or adverse combinations. There are so many illusions prevalent about this junction combination or yoga. This book is exclusively related to one combination namely, the kal sarpa yoga. And its other incidents like the form, the identification its kinds of consequences. Through examples of various malignant combinations of kal sarpa yoga like vasuki, padma, karkotak, kutik, takshak, anand, sheshnag and vishakla shankhal, things have been explained. In addition to the clarification of the opposition, the planets Rahu and Ketu have been clearly and categorically discussed of the position the planets Rahu Ketu have been discussed in clear farms.


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