LAL KITAB (The Red Book)



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LAAL KITAB (The Red Book)
This book was basically written in Urdu language. The book suggests certain small remedial device for removal of defects / measures for propitiousness or adverse positioning of the Grahas. The Bhav and the Lagna (sign of zadiae) in it are always constant. It deals with such practices / experiments by which the common people can benefit without spending much. All the experiments/ practices are nature born and based on charity. The author Shri Radha Krishna Shrimali says that he poured in this book the entire crux of his life, so far the Red book is concerned. He father states that the Red book contains as main components of the applied astrology, such remedial devices /measures that an astrologer may not need to have to go any where, rather he can do all that by himself and on his own.
A part from introducing the 12 Rashis (sign of zodiac) based on the Red Book, detailed discussion has been done in this book in respect of The Manglik doashes, Rog vichar (thoughts about ailments) Rin Mukti (liberation from debts) Santan Sukh (happiness on account of children) Bhagwan Sukh (happiness on account of residential house), convenience of conveyance or transport, (Vahan Sukh), longevity, the mode of reckoning the annual/ yearly predictions etc- all these based on the Red Book. This book may be said to be giving complete information about the Red Book.


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