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Lakshmi occult Sadhana: In todays materialist age Lakshmi. obviously is the supreme force. For want of money or wealth, life can become hellish Radha Krishna Shrimali has been working on the project of bringing out a book on the subject Lakshmi Tantra for the last four years. This book seeks to serve as a guide for acquiring Lakshmi for all these who are Laxmi sadhanas.
The book at the same time gives complete information about mother Goddess Lakshmi Ji. How Goddess Lakshmilade her advent, what are the sadhanas involved in acquisition of Lakshmi, the entire ritual of Laxmi Poojan, the infallible Mantras for acquiring Lakshmi, Shabar Mantra for acquiring Lakshmi, the small experiments related to acquisition of Lakshmi, which even an ordinary man can perform -These are the aspects especially dealt with in this book . In the writing of this book, Dr. Shrimali jis son Shri Suresh Shrimali has also made his special contribution.
Special Note:- A colour picture of the Shri Yantra is also given as a gift along with this book.


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