Prashn Jyotish


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The answer to the curiosities, anxieties, doubts, worries, and concerns and to other questions of the interrogator can be given even without resorting to complicated mathematical processes, and this can be done though what is known as Prashna Jyotish. In Prashna Jyotish a Prashna kundali or chart bases on the time can be instantaneously made and answers can be given on the spot. This book judiciously deals with the nature of the planets, conduct, Prashna Vichar, Thief finding stolen goods, immigration questions, the children, health, marriage, litigation, karya siddhi, silent questions, the kerala made, miracle queries Ramshaka inventory, ‘Fist’ questions, advent of wealth, questioning relating to features of the planet, and respective power / strength of the planets.


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