Pukhraj (Yellow Saffire)

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It is a jewel which has the same planetary influence as the planet Jupiter.Jupiter in Aries is the Lord of 9th trikon and 12th house. Wear topaz for wisdom, strength, knowledge, education, wealth, respect and esteem. It will be beneficial for you to wear it in the dasa of Jupiter.

Jupiter in Taurus is the Lord of the 8th and 11th house while Lagna lord venus is its enemy. It is suggested wear topaz after consultations.

Jupiter in Gemini rashi is the lord of 7th and 10th house. It also suffers of the kendradhipati infirmity.You can wear topaz in the dasa of Jupiter, after due consultations.

Jupiter in Cancer rashi is the lord of 6th and 9th trikon. You should wear topaz for happiness from children and father, improvement in knowledge, good luck, wealth, progress, devotion towards god.

Jupiter in Leo rashi is the lord of 5th trikon and 8th house, on account of being lord of pancham trikon, it is auspicious for Leo rashi. Yellow topaz is recommended.

Jupiter in the Virgo rashi is the lord of the 4th and 7th; and being polluted by the kendradhipati defect is so inimically disposed. So, it would be harmful for you to wear topaz.

Jupiter in Libra rashi is the lord of 3rd and 6th and the Lagna lord Mars and Jupiter are mutual allies. So, topaz will be harmful for you.

Jupiter in Scorpio is the lord of 2nd and 5th trikon bhava and the Lagna lord mars is its ally.Yellow topaz would be favorable for you.

Jupiter in Sagittarius is the lord of 4th house; therefore, wearing topaz in the dasa of Jupiter along with Ruby will be very fruitful and advantageous for you.

Jupiter in the Capricorn is the lord of the 3rd and 12th house. It is not suggested to wear topaz, for it will be unfavorable.

Jupiter in Aquarius is the lord of 3rd and 11th houses and Saturn the Lagna lord has inimical stance you may wear topaz only if advised.

Jupiter in Pisces is the Lagna lord and is the lord of the 10th Kendra. So, it would be fruitful for you to wear topaz for over all happiness. It will lead to positive changes and results in your life.


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