Shri Yantra Rahasy


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The Shri yantra mystery a blessing while hundreds of books have been authored and published by Dr. Shrimali Ji, this particular book ‘Shri Yantra Rahasya’ by name, is his most popular creation. Shri / Sri means Laxmi and the importance of money /wealth in our life can be hardly undermined. It is of supreme importance for us. How important is the sadhana of shri yantra in attaining wealth, what its small experiments or practices are, what the mode of construction of Shri yantra is, what form is, what Shri vidya mystery is these of other such aspects of shri yantra have been dealt with, in this book quite compressively. By carrying out the Shri worship and other few related experiments, we can liberate ourselves from economic crises.
Special note :
A big picture of Shri yantra in seven colours is given by way of a gift, along with this book.


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