Causes of late marriages

Marriage is a very important part of our lives. It is very difficult to decide at what age a marriage should be considered a late marriage or a marriage at the right age. Our life’s decisions are a matter of preference and not the principle, we give preference to other matters, our marriage is delayed due to one reason or another, but it is never too late to have a happy marriage.

Why Late Marriages Happen?

In our generation, the number of people awaiting marriage is very large relative to the number of those in previous generations. More and more older singles feel stuck and cannot understand why finding their match is so difficult. Unfortunately, due to various factors marriages can sometimes be delayed. So the question to be asked is why marriages get delayed and what preventive measures are needed to be taken to avoid any delay? And as more time goes by, stronger, more gnawing questions begin to emerge inside them: Is my situation in my control or is it a heavenly decree? Did I make a mistake and miss the boat? What am I to do? Or maybe I should simply wait and hope for the best.

Position of Planets and Its Effect on Marriage

One of the most common problems faced in marriage is actually not being able to find the right match and getting delayed for marriage. A horoscope can very well narrate this problem by way of positions of the planets. In Vedic Astrology the 7th House is always seen for marriage. Besides this the 2nd house-the family house and 11th house – the house of fulfillment are also taken into consideration. Venus and Jupiter are known as significators in marriage, therefore their positions are also taken into consideration. Let us now discuss the different reasons for late marriages.

  • Malefic planets are one of the reasons of delay in marriages. The Sun, Saturn, Mars, Rahu, Ketu and Moon (Amavasya –new moon) are considered malefic and are the reason for delay in marriages.
  • If these malefic planets are present in 7th House then it may cause a delay in marriage.
  • When malefics are in conjunction with the Lord of 7th House or significators of marriage
  • When the malefic has its aspect on the Lord of 7th House or the significators of marriage then also it may cause a delay in marriage.
  • Amongst all the malefic, Saturn is the most important planet to be seen for the delay in marriage. But if Saturn is in 7th House then you should get married after 35 years as there are chances of divorce.
  • Combustion of planets is also a reason for delay in marriages. It means that when Sun is present in the 7th House or with the Lord of 7th House or the signifactors of marriage then to there is a delay in marriage. Here due to the burning effect of the Sun the planets become less efficient and cannot give the desired effect.
  • If Venus is damaged or if Venus is with Sun or Saturn then that to bring about a delay in marriage.

  • Venus and Jupiter are known as significators in marriage, so in a women’s horoscope we see the placement of Jupiter and in men’s horoscope we see to placement of Venus to get an idea of marriage. If Venus or Jupiter is with Saturn or they are in 7th House house with malefic planets like Saturn, Mars or Sun then it could not only bring about a delay in marriage but also damage them.

Mostly whenever such situation arises we could perform remedies to reduce the effect of such malefic planets and thus strengthen the chances of marriage at proper time.

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