Characteristics of Planets in Predictive Astrology

In Vedic astrology planets have been divided into two parts which are as follows: benefic and malefic planets. The positions and significations of seven planets along with the two shadow
planets Rahu and Ketu are considered while giving predictions in this form of astrology.

(a). Benefic Natural Planets

Jupiter and Venus come under the category of natural  benefic planets . If moon lies in  Shukla Paksha  i.e on Poornima Paksha, then those planets are natural benefic planets.

(b). Malefic Natural Planets

Mars, Saturn, Rahu and Ketu are natural malefic planets. Sun is referred to as a brutal planet. It is considered to be the controller of the solar system. Sun is also a fire element, due to which it gives benefits only in special circumstances.

The characteristics of the planets are mentioned below

Characteristics of Sun

The ruling deity of Sun is Agni (fire god) and the Agni tattva is ruled by it. It is also the karak planet of soul. It has orange colour. Its place is in temples and represents the season of summer. The direction of Sun is East. Sun is a moral planet and has been given the place of a king in the administrative classification of planets. The element of Sun is gold and its gem is Ruby.

Characteristics of Moon

The ruling deity of Moon is Varuna (rain god) and the Jala tattva is ruled by it. It is the karak of mind, and its colour is cream. It is a planet related to water and thus, its season is monsoon. It’s direction is North-West. Lunar planet has moral properties. It is the karak planet of saline taste. It controls the sense of taste. It has been assigned the post of a minister in the cabinet of planets. Silver is the element of Moon.

Characteristics of Mars

The ruling deity of Mars is Subrahmanya (army chief of gods) and Agni tattva (fiery element) is also ruled by it. Characteristics of Mars are courage, red colour, first place, summer season, south direction, vengeance, bitter taste, captain of the cabinet etc. Its element is bronze. It is the karak planet of power, courage, achievement, and anger. It is the karak planet of land, mustard etc.

Characteristics of Mercury

The ruling deity of Mercury is Vishnu (supreme sustaining force). Mercury is the karak of voice. Mercury represents green colour. It represents sports venues. The season of Mercury is autumn. North is the direction of this planet. It is administrative in nature. The sense of smell is given to mercury. Mercury is the prince in the cabinet of planets. The element of mercury is Kansya.

Characteristics of Jupiter

The ruling deity of Jupiter is Indra (ruler of gods). Jupiter is the karak of education. A person can not get education without its support. Yellow is the colour of Jupiter. It represents autumn season and North-East direction. It is moral in nature and tastes like honey. It represents the sense of speech.

Characteristics of Venus

The ruling deity of Venus is Sachi Devi (Indra’s wife). Venus is the karak of lust. Bedroom is its place and South -East is its direction. It is a planet of administrative nature and represents sour taste. It holds the post of advisor in the cabinet of planets. Silver is the element. (There can be more than one views about the element).

Characteristics of Saturn

The ruling deity of Saturn is Brahma (Creator). Saturn planet gives a feeling of sadness. Blue/Black are the colours of Saturn. It represents bad places. Winter is the season of Saturn and
west is the direction. It is vengeful in nature. It is the karak of sensory organs. Saturn is the servant. Iron is the element of Saturn. Sapphire is the gem. Torn clothes are the clothes for Saturn.

Characteristics of Rahu

Rahu is a malefic planet by nature, causing frustration, irregular or irreligious habits, use of intoxicants, troubles from ghosts or evil spirits, infectious disease or just a lifestyle filled with chaos. According to the Vedas, Rahu is a demoniac planet who on occasion attacks the Sun and Moon, causing solar and lunar eclipses.

Characteristics of Ketu

Ketu, like Rahu, is a shadowy planet that acts like the lord of the sign it is in. Most texts say that Rahu acts like Satun and Ketu acts like Mars. Ketu is a restrictive planet, causing obstructions to one‘s endeavours or poverty-stricken conditions of life. Ketu is a malefic by nature and afflicts the house that it is in, unless it is exalted or conjoined with a benefic planet.

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