Crystals, these zodiac signs must buy, for a prosperous 2019

Every New Year brings a re-start mode in our lives. It brings another opportunity or another chance to do things the right way. With every New Year, we all keep hoping for an optimistic turn of events and be better versions of ourselves. While some improvise on their strategies, others take a different approach. We all know that crystal posses great powers inside them, and therefore many individuals wear them to have a good impact on their lives whether it is related to work or other personal matters.

Since every zodiac has its own set of ruling planets, every individual must seek advice from the astrologer before buying a crystal.


Zodiac signs and their lucky crystal for 2019

Given below are six zodiac signs along with their suitable crystal :


For Aries, this year is going to be all about how you utilize your time. So make sure you don’t spend too much time on other people. Do not spend all your time in the office or in managing your workload. Keep some time aside to indulge in self-care. For this task, Spirit Jasper is the perfect crystal for you and will enhance your self-love. It will help you in seeing the positivity that lies within you and will help you accept it. This is exactly the attitude you should have in 2019.


This is your year to spread your wings and let your spirits fly. You will be able to open your mind and claim your higher consciousness and spirituality. You should pull up your socks and get ready to soar through the year. Charoite is your crystal for the year. It will help you in expanding your consciousness. You will be able to open your crown chakra where lies all the energy for spiritual connection and help you connect the consciousness with the heart chakra. It will only be an added advantage as your Venus-ruled zodiac is already deeply in contact with it.


This year will be challenging for you when it comes to an understanding and respecting boundaries in relationships. On the other hand, this very nature will be essential for your partnerships to flourish. Your crystal of the year is the Black Kyanite. It will clear all the negativity coming your way. Energy-wise it is extremely protective and will help you identify your toxic relationships. Besides everything, it will shield you from bad vibes and enable you to develop stronger boundaries throughout the year.


The same goes for all the Cancerians out there too. You will be going through certain shifts in your relationships, and so you must know how to conduct them. As a result, handling relationships might get complicated for you, and you will be transforming partnerships this year. However, you needn’t fear anything because it will all help you get to the best. To make this journey a little better, the Angel Aura Quartz crystal will be perfect to calm your soul as you go through the way and embrace your pains and guide you towards the next steps that you should take.


Slow down, pause if you can and embrace all your past efforts. Iolite is your crystal of the year. It will help you change your perspectives and appreciate your efforts and what you have. So take its help and celebrate the wonderful gifts that possess and display your gratitude towards them. This crystal will help you reflect on how you’ve arrived at what you have. In the end, simply celebrate.


Change is your word of the year. Your value system is changing and making way for new ideas. Change for you will be uncomfortable, but it is also essential and only for your good. Amazonite is your crystal that will help you through this journey and embark on new chapters in your life. It will promote courage and strength. While you are going through transitions, this crystal will make it easier for you. So embrace the changes and let these ideological shifts be a little smoother.

An EndNote

Though it seems to be a promising year overall for these six zodiac signs; their lucky crystals can make their journey smoother in any way they can. From bringing positivity to solutions, these crystals will surely leave a greater impact in 2019.

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