Do your fingernails divulge who you are?

The nails of our hands have a great deal of importance in beauty. Usually young, married women keep their nails attractive, beautiful, and adorable with colored nail polish. There are beauty parlors that cater to the beautifying of nails and lately, they have started decorating it with fine pieces of jewelry too. It is sometimes designed to match the clothes one’s wearing. With regards to men, they keep their nails clean, beautiful and shapely.

Who would not want their nails to be beautiful, neat and attractive but if you look carefully at your nails you might find lots of differences. Are their shapes deformed or crooked? Instead of white are they black, yellow or cloudy in color? Your nails will tell you how you are and if you are unwell.

How are your fingernails –

If there are lines on the nails then there could be a shortage of finance, if spots appear on the nails, then such a person does a low-level job. Not only this, if nails are smooth, red in color, shiny, a bit raised in the middle and long then such a person usually attains a high position in life. If nails are crooked, rough and too big then that person usually remains unhappy. A person is usually subdued when there are white circular spots on the nail. If nails are dark yellow then such a person usually suffers from some form of the disease, from time to time. If nails are injured, broken all the time then such a person may suffer from a female disorder. Sometimes, they could also become a victim of a paralysis-like illness. If criss-cross lines are seen on the nail, then such a person could be the victim of many diseases due to being physically weak. If the color of the nails is white (milky), then such a person would later become disinterested in worldly matters. A person is usually considered lucky if their nails are in a raised form at the round part of the nail. If the width of the fingernails is less then it could imply weakness and if nails are quite wide then such a person could tend to criticize others. If the nails are red, broad and rounded, then such a person is truthful and straight forward in nature. If nails are squarish and narrow at the base then such persons are likely to suffer from heart disease.

Regarding women’s fingernails –

If there are white dots on the nails of a woman, then she could become an adulteress. If the nails are unformed, stained and squarish, then such a woman usually suffers from a lack of finance. It is considered auspicious if a woman has large and light pink colored fingernails. If nails are red and long, then such women are considered to be fortunate.

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