Feng Shui

Easy ways to be blessed with Feng Shui

It is easy to know about any matter for the knowledge but, usefulness of right knowledge is proven only when it is used in proper way. It is not mandatory that, if a medicine works on one, will also work on others. It is therefore, advisable to avoid following others in order to prove incomplete knowledge. It is better to seek advice from expert of the field as only doctor knows which medicine will work for respective problem with a specific patient.

Usage of auspicious signage –

In today’s time, one can generally see sign of Trident (Trishul), Swastik or Aum. From ancient days people have been using these signs to seek auspicious blessings. These auspicious signage helps not only to protect but, also bring happiness, peace. One can get them carved doors, windows, furniture or paste the stickers of these signage on their diary, purse etc. Using Trident, Swastik and Aum together is most auspicious.

Use debonair photograph at Home –

Everyone wants a Dream Home which is peaceful, prosperous and lucky for owners. It is often experienced that, many a times there is difference of opinion between mother- in- law and daughter- in- law. To overcome with these pretty issues one should hang a photograph of both in breezy mood.

To create the feeling of togetherness, one should hang breezy photograph of all family members in south-west corner of Living room or Drawing room. Similarly, husband and wife should use their breezy photograph in south-west corner of their bed room to increase tenderness of their relationship and love.

Plant Orange Tree to be fortunate –

We all like orange or lemon juice. Trees of orange or lemon are considered as keepsake of wealth and good fortune. These trees should be planted in front of main door of office or home in south-east corner. This corner is considered to be good for property. Orange is bright golden coloured fruit which has resemblance to gold. Tree which is well grown and laden with fruits is considered to be very auspicious during new year.

One may not have enough space in their homes/office in today’s scenarios. Do not worry, you can use an artificial plant as advised above and plant should be of good quality.

Always keep Cabinets closed –

Given a choice and if, time allows, we all prefer reading good books and many amongst us have personal libraries at home. It is very good habit or mannerism. But, if the books are kept in open cabinets and in untidy manner then, these cabinets becomes the source of sinister or inauspicious energy which are known as both Sha Chi and Si Chi – low feng shui – are expressions of bad feng shui energy.

  • Sha Chi is translated as killing, attacking energy.

This bad feng shui energy can be created outside by the sharpness of a structure (man-made or natural).

Person using room having open cabinets can even fall sick in due course of time. These effects are not seen immediately but, can be experienced gradually. Many a times these effects can be of serious nature as well.

It is therefore, recommended that, all such cabinets should be maintained in well tidy manner and must have doors. Last but not the least, these doors should always be kept closed.

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