How to effectively use moon phases in your life?

Moon, as we see, is the portion of the exposed surface to the sun. In short, the moon doesn’t have its light it just reflects the sunlight. Moon, just like earth, has its gravitational force. Earth’s gravitation tidally seals elliptical shape moon; hence we see only one side of the moon. The moon affects the water content of the earth.

We all are aware of the tides on earth, which takes place in the oceans and seas. Human bodies are composed of 70% of the water and hence are affected by the phases of the moon too. If only we understand the magnificent nature of the moon, we can achieve wonderful things in life. As per astrology, the moon is related to emotions or the feminine side. Therefore, the creative people and emotional ones must study this in-depth. It affects the life of every living individual on earth on a daily basis. Thus, we need to understand and use it to our best intentions.


Different phases of Moon

Moon has the following different phases :

  • • New moon (no moon)
  • • Waxing moon
  • • Full moon
  • • Waning moon

From astrology perspective, the utmost powerful cosmological phases are the new moon and the full moon.

➢ New moon rituals

Moon rituals are spells accomplished during precise lunar phases that harness the supremacy of the moon to realize your goal. The new moon is a dominant time for ‘new’ initial stages.

  • • New romantic relationships,
  • • Exciting new job prospects,
  • • New healthy habits
  • • Altering course toward any new beginning

Auspicious rituals which could be followed during the new moon

  • • Prepare and take a salt bath. You can add herbs too to make it more effective.
  • • You may burn dry sage leaves to cleanse the space for the ritual.
  • • A secluded area will increase the effectiveness with no disturbance. Performing with the group is also good.
  • • Keep your electronic gadgets away for a smooth working.
  • • Play soothing music in the background that will aid the process.
  • • Gather everything you will need to keep the ritual in the flow.

➢ Full moon ritual

The full moon is full of moon’s potent energy, which can be used for the greater good. The more powerful it is; the more powerful results can be achieved with its energy. Full moon progressing towards the new one signifies closed chapters and new beginnings. Hence, it always includes the intention of releasing what does not serve our higher self. Unlike new moon full moon ritual is more personal; thus more emotional and powerful.

  • • Releasing the old
  • • Renewing the new options
  • • Burning the bridges behind
  • • Transmuting an old way into a new one to benefit the progress.

Process for performing the full moon ritual

  • • Start with cleansing the space with sage to clear old energies and vibes.
  • • Choose an outdoor location with nature for better results
  • • Set your intentions on things to be released or transmuted
  • • Use crystals for better results like moonstone selenite and amethyst
  • • Use your journal to pick up the point that needs to be released
  • • Write down clearly under the moonlight and burn the list
  • • While you release, visualize those things getting released from your life.
  • • Cleanse yourself by salt-water bath and herbs for a calm state of mind.

➢ Waxing & waning moon

These are the transitional phases of the moon between new to full and full to new. When going to new to full moon the waxing helps in growing. Waning from new to full moon helps in releasing.

It is Important for us to understand what each recurrent moon signifies. The idea is to relate one’s cycle with the moon, i.e. the position of the moon in each astrological house, how the position of the moon and its phases affects the person’s life and how to control the effect.

The Waxing Moon is a period of energy commencement while waning is to release. Although new and full moon is more powerful, waxing and waning moon rituals help to cultivate the positive habits. It helps us in focusing on intentions such as:

  • • Making strong foundations.
  • • Dreams get clearer,
  • • Opportunities manifestation
  • • Penning ideas and implementing
  • • Releasing the old that does not serve us
  • • Giving up on habits that lower our vibe
  • • Using the power of moon energy to achieve benefits

What waxing and waning moon brings to us?

  • • Focus: De-clutter your ideas and focus on essential changes intended. Use these questions to make clear choices for the new life cycle.
  • • What should be my focus or life-changing idea?
  • • What opportunities are good for me?
  • • How to raise my energies?
  • • What should be my point of inspiration?
  • • How to decipher the messages sent by the Universe?

➢ Pen the ideas: Write down all the positive ideas that flow in the process. Try to give more meaning by aligning your emotions.

➢ Make a list of grateful events: Make a journal and pen down every day what you are grateful for.

➢ Meditate: Once you have a clear idea meditate for better understanding. Try to visualize the idea for better results as it’s already achieved.

➢ Trust the process : Once you have released the intention, release the urge to control events and people. Let the universe work for you.

Use of crystals, incense sticks, candles and mantras to amplify the effect of moon phases

Crystals, incense sticks, candles, and music amplify the effect of the ritual. Use candles as per the intent such as red for love, passion green for prosperity (money) and white for peace. Candles always give the comfort factor and bring out the desire from the bottom of the heart. It gives you a point of focus and warmth of purity to your soul. It connects to your inner self and releases anxiety and brings calmness.

Crystals are another talisman, which you can use to fast forward the manifestation and release as per the intentions. It amplifies the energy a hundred times and brings faster results. It gives a tangible source of energy to rely on an immediate basis.

Chanting of mantras distracts the mind from frivolous thoughts, helping to anchor the mind in concentration. The vibrations from mantras have a positive effect in you. Chanting a mantra tunes you into the experience of the particular mantra. This alignment allows you to experience this vibration by becoming the vibration. The longer and more focused you chant the mantra, the more positive impact it will have on your consciousness.


Since moon rules the emotional or feminine side of any individual, it can be used to achieve the good for any one’s higher self. Astrology has been using the moon to depict the state of a person’s current life. Transmuting the bad intention into a good one can rectify this.

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