ILL effects of Planets

How to get relief from various ill-effects due to various planets

Remedies to remove ill-effects of 9 Planets – According to Lal Kitab, following Gods / Goddesses have been decided as Deity (ishtadevta) for each planet –

  1. Sun (Surya) – Lord Vishnu (Bhagwan Vishnu)
  2. Moon (Chandra) – Lord Shiva(Bhagwan Shiv)
  3. Mars (Mangal) – Lord Hanuman (Bhagwan Hanuman)
  4. Mercury (Budha) – Maa Durga
  5. Jupiter (Brihaspati) – Lord Brahma (Bhagwan Brhama)
  6. Venus (Shukra) – Maa Laxmi
  7. Saturn (Shani) – Lord Bhairav (Bhagwan Bhairav Nath ji)
  8. Dragon Head (Rahu) – Maa Saraswati
  9. DragonTail (Ketu) – Lord Ganesha (Bhawan Ganapati)

One can get relief by performing given remedies or solutions from bad effects of above planets –

  1. Sun (Surya) – pour (pravahit) jaggery (gur) in running water river and donate wheat (gehoon) and red copper (lal tamba) to get rid of bad effects due to Sun.
  2. Moon (Chandra) – if due to adverse effects of Moon (Chandra), if someone’s mother has health problems, mental tension, lungs related disease etc, then, pour (pravahit) small piece of silver (Chandi ka tukda) in running water river or keep water on milk in silver pot below headrest position. These people should not do business related to milk.
  3. Mars (Mangal) – to remove adverse effects of Mars, make paratha (Indian style bread) of wheat flour with jaggery (Gur) and ghee stuffed into it and donate the same. Pouring rewadi or batasha in running water river will also be beneficial.
  4. Mercury (Budha) – to eradicate ill effects of Mercury (Budha), take a sheet of copper and make a hole in it then drop it in running water river to flow.
  5. Jupiter (Brihaspati) – to remove ill effects of Jupiter (Brihaspati) every member of house must donate something like Turmeric (Haldi), Saffron (Kesar), Gram Pulse (Chane ki daal). Planting Sacred Fig tree (Peepal or Pipal tree) is also beneficial.
  6. Venus (Shukra) – to get relief from ill effects of Venus, take out small quantity of each items from your food plate and offer it to cow. Donate Ghee, Rice and curd.
  7. Saturn (Shani) – due to adverse effects of Saturn, one faces hurdles in construction of house etc. To overcome with this problem, make small tablets (goli) of wheat flour (gehoon ka ata) and give them to fish. Take out some part of your meal and give it to crow. Donating black gram (uard ki daal) and mustard (sarson) is also beneficial.
  8. Dragon Head (Rahu) – if one experiences trouble at home due to Rahu, then afloat one coconut in running water river. One must do it once a year atleast. One can do as many times also.
  9. Dragon Tail (Ketu) – To remove ill effects of Ketu, one must fast (upvas) on Chaturthi. Take out small portion from your meal and give it to Dogs.
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