Moolank and Its Effect on Future and Personality


Moolank and Its Effect on Future and Personality

In the same manner, how the position of planets affects us, the Moolank (base number) also have a significant effect on our lives. A Moolank is an addition of your birth date, i.e. if a person is born on 12th, then his Moolank is 1+2=3. In case one goes deeper into the science of numerology, he/she will understand its great impact & importance.

Moolank 1:

This number indicates progress & arrogance. The person has to gain control over his arrogance to get success. In case the number is positive, this person will be capable of making friends from any base number category. However, in the case of a negative number, making friends for this person will be a huge challenge. Parents are advised to be calm with the child under this Moolank category.

Moolank 2:

A person having this Moolank is likely to be emotional, introvert & inclined towards art. Also, such a person is advised to make friends with similar interests & nature. The adverse effect of this characteristic makes them weak in judgment owing to their excessive emotions. These people need to have trustworthy people in their surroundings to make a sound & balanced decision. These people have strong debating abilities.

Moolank 3:

A person with this base number on the correct path will lead to being an ambitious, knowledgeable, strong-willed & positive individual. These people will always be determined to follow their desire. In case they meet with the right kind of opportunity, they have the ability to become Guru in their lifetime. On the other hand, if this person has a negative number than he would be excessively ambitious & egoistic.

Moolank 4 :

People from this category have in-depth knowledge of their subject of interest. These people are outstanding in their studies & also keep searching for ways to help the community. Owing to this characteristic they can be good professors, scientists & researchers. Under the guidance of a competent mentor, they can accomplish greater heights in life. Though these people are spiritual but always experience a dilemma between spirituality & materialism.

Moolank 5:

These people are quite sharp in their thoughts. They have the capability to understand the hidden meaning of things & that too very quickly. A person from this base number would have many friends. Parents of the kids from this category should not be spoiled & need to be taught to share & care. These people are likely to be distant from their home & family in an emotional manner.

Moolank 6:

Such people are mostly artistic, logical & full of emotions. They generally have a balanced nature, which helps them to accomplish success. In very scarce situations their emotions lead them to issues in life. These people need to be guided towards ethical living in childhood. These people can do well as artists & also in government jobs.

Moolank 7:

People who have number 7 as Moolank are likely to be very emotional & intelligent. However, getting success in its capacity is quite difficult. They need continuous support from Guru, Parents & Friends. In case, this number is negative then these people end up being lazy & fearful of taking the initiative.

Moolank 8:

Moolank 8 is for very practical & hard-working people. Under the circumstances where this number is positive, a person will do his work with utmost honesty & will gain great success. On the other hand, if this is a negative number; this person will incline towards finding shortcuts to get success & face failures. The parents of such kids need to be balanced in approach & should have cordial & friendly terms with them.

Moolank 9:

An individual having base number 9 will be very knowledgeable & energetic. These people are most willing to help others. Their involvement in any work they do is deeper. They attempt to become a perfectionist in any task they take up for a longer span of time. These people struggle to get much love from the opposite gender. Parents of such kids should help them to control anger & divert them towards prayers.

An EndNote

Knowing your base number will surely help you in many aspects of life. A person can determine & understand the overall flow of life & events and also can derive logic out of an incident in his surroundings. We are sure one can get some direction out of the details produced here & gain maximum assistance out of these facts.

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