Pyramid Yantra

Financial Gains from Pyramid Yantra (Pyramid se Laxmi prapti)

In today’s world the most common therapy is Pyramid Therapy. It is pointed dome from four angles at 63 degree and Vastu plays a vital role while constructing it. Pyramids of Egypt are world famous for their magical effects. These effects are created due to its constructions and they impact not only human life but, also surroundings. Researchers are working on to find out the reasons however; this is part of Indian Vastu Shastra or Science of Construction.

Today, the science of construction or Vastu Shartra is much more advanced but, it con not be ruled out that, there will be no defect. An architect can design a beautiful house or office but, it will be completely error free can not be assured due to process of construction. It is impractical to redesign or rebuilt a constructed facility as it will involve heavy expenses and thus, using a Copper Pyramid is suggested.

One has to consider magnetic waves propagation which is constituted by various stars and planets. As we are aware that, North has positive magnetic power while South is negative. So, how do we use Pyramid for financial gains or Laxmi prapti?

What is Laxmi Pyramid –

Laxmi Pyramid is made of five metals (Panch Dhatu). It has four directions / sides. One direction/side has Goddess Laxmi, second direction / side has Sri Yantra and other two directions /sides have Mangal yantra.

How to use Laxmi Pyramid –

After obtaining Laxmi Pyramid, one can install it in their office or home in puja room on a yellow cloth on Diwali night or, on any Monday. After doing it one can gradually experience improved work efficiency and continuous inflow of financial gains (Laxmi). One can use it in following manners also –

  1. Keep it on your office table.
  2. Keep it in foundation of home/factory to bring peace, prosperity and continuous inflow of Laxmi (financial gains or money)
  3. Keep it in your locker, cash box or Almira (Cabinet) and pray it daily.
  4. Keep it in your brief case so that, your travel is peaceful and full of financial gains.
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