The essential characteristics and role played by Ketu in Astrology.


The two-faced body known as Rahu and Ketu is inevitably important in astrology. Ketu is the dragon’s tail, and Rahu is the dragon’s head. It belongs to Jaiminigotra is the southern lunar node in Hindu astrology.

Ketu is considered the ill-omened planet in astrology but also the most auspicious planet as it is known as the salvation giver and in some circumstances, it can help someone achieve zenith.

Ketu is most prosperous when placed in first, third, sixth, eleventh and twelfth house from ascendants. Rahu and Ketu are directly opposite to each other orbitally and have a cycle of 180 years.

Relation with zodiac

Astrologers believe that Ketu is highly prosperous when in traverse with Pisces but when it transits Gemini, it is in the loss. Leo is the triangular-formed original zodiac of Ketu. Their strengths lie in Taurus, Pisces, and Sagittarius. Ketu functions well when inconjunct with zodiac signs like Gemini, Virgo Sagittarius while with zodiacs like Cancer and Leo Ketu functions like destruction. Relation of Ketu with Jupiter, Buddha, Shukra, and Saturn falls even and friendly while its relation with sun, moon, and Mars falls odd and is of enmity.

Effects of Ketu

For an individual, Ketu overpowers a person past deed, present activities, attachments, the afterlife, sins, punishments, bad nature, accidents, bitter experiences, spirituality, complex fears, near-death experiences, etc.

Ketu in 12 houses

First house:

It indicates a short life span, not keeping well, severe diseases, marks, and deaths. But when occupied with the right zodiac and circumstances it provides immense wealth and a long healthy life.

Second house:

It signifies tension among the family member, tension about children, unhealthy conditions, lack of wealth, no savings and darkening complexion. But for some, it gives luck when placed in the second house.

Third house

In the third house, it shows positivity when Ketu is seen in the third house of an individual’s chart they have money and can become successful if stepped in occupations like contractors and agriculturists.

Fourth house

In this house, the person will have immense money and jewels but may have hard feels towards family members and closed ones and may also marry twice.

Fifth house

When Ketu in the fifth house in the horoscope, it makes the person immoral and indecent, the person can face imprisonment, can be the black sheep for the family and disappointment for the children.

Sixth house

If the moon and Ketu in conjunction are placed in the sixth house, it brings loss. But otherwise, in the sixth house, Ketu makes a person smart, clever, hardworking, courageous and famous.

Seventh house

In the seventh house, Ketu is destruction. There can be several marriages and deaths can occur. The person will be dissatisfied with his marriages and will not find love. This makes the person cruel, and he will always be drowsy.

Eighth house

The person tends to enjoy other people’s belongs when Ketu is in the eighth house. The person may have an extramarital affair. But then when placed right it gives the person a long life and enormous wealth.

Ninth house

Here Ketu makes a person indecent, cruel, double-faced, unsympathetic, and angry& starts preferring women who belong from the lower class in society.

Tenth house

Ketu in the tenth house makes a person honest, loyal and faithful. He will be very considerate towards his partner. But this may also influence a person to enjoy the company of widows.

Eleventh house

In this house, Ketu is very prosperous. The person will be very successful and rich. He will aim and can attain mountainous deed, will achieve greater heights in life. This person will also have an excellent social image and will be able to maintain it.

Twelfth house

This signifies the person will be immoral, filthy, indecent, narrow-minded, etc. The person may also his or her ancestor’s property.

In general, Ketu is a malefic planet in a person’s horoscope. In an individual’s birth chart Ketu mostly shows ill effects. But sometimes it influences the horoscope of a person with immense wealth, long life and unbeatable luck.

Remedies for Ketu

People with adverse effects of Ketu can be helped with some remedies like:

These people should never look for shortcuts in life to be successful. They should work hard and be legal in every aspect of the job.

These people should avoid negativity and negative people as they may create damage mentally.

It is essential for them to be spiritual.
Kesar/saffron is a good remedy. It can be applied as tilak or can be consumed.
The person should wear gold.
The person should avoid grey color cloth and wear more of yellow and white.
Ketu resides in dogs, so taking care of dogs can help reduce the negative influence of Ketu.

An EndNote

Thus, Ketu has an essential role to play in astrology. Individuals must watch out which house Ketu lies in and look for remedies if it isn’t favoring them.

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