The importance of Navamas Lagna


Navamas Lagna is an essential part of the horoscope. Navamas is the one-ninth part of the zodiac in Vedic astrology. Each Navamas measures one-quarter of a Nakshatra or three degrees and twenty minutes in longitude and the zodiac signs constitute of one hundred and eight Navamas, which are further divided into four groups. The ninth position in the chart is intended to be the most prosperous. It is considered the house of luck, destiny, and dharma.

The lord in the ninth house usually prospers. It is like the two sides of a coin; it can make or break your luck. Hence, a strong Navamas is the fortune in your chart. The Navamas chart tells you about your present, future and past life. The Lagna can identify the physical and psychological characteristic of a person. A powerful Lagna is essential for good health and prosperous life.

Effects of Navamas Lagna

At the point of time when a baby is born, the Navamas Lagna consists of the Rashi chart with the planet’s position in the twelve different Rashi’s of the zodiac. The ninth point chart can know your life after marriage in your Navamas Lagna. Rashi chart problems may not influence the chart owner if your seventh house of Navamas chart and Lagna are clean. Your married life goes smoothly if your Navamas Lagna contains Venus, but if it includes mars or Saturn, it is the cause of trouble in your married life.

It also informs us about some significant Doshas in our horoscope, if present, like the Chevvai Dosha or Sarpa Dosha. If there are problems and issues, there always is a solution present, appease the god and perform some auspicious rituals. These make shifts in your dasha and help you in recovering from the pain.

A highly knowledgeable and experienced astrologer predicts the Dosha and suggests some remedies to ease the sufferings. The dashabhukti, also known as the antardasha is a part of the mahadasha. The dashabhukti aspects for 120 years of your life also culminate in your Navamas Lagna table. Also, it keeps getting divided and subdivided into extremes and the most knowledgeable astrologers can sometimes even predict your hour from these subdivides.

Spouse prediction from Navamas Lagna:

The seventh house and the seventh lord is the most significant house for a spouse prediction. The seventh house on the birth chart tells us about our wants and desires, and the seventh house in the Navamas chart tells us about what we get. So, we must keep an eye on the seventh house of the main birth chart and also on the seventh house of the Navamas chart.

• ArudhaPada of the seventh house has to be kept in sight for all kinds of physical relationships as well as for short-term relations in Kundli. Thus, the kind of people we are associated with can also be seen by darapada (A7). While predicting the spouse, all these houses are to be kept an eye on.

• Saturn in the seventh house or in link with Darapada: This person prefers a spouse who is elder to them or senior to them. They want their spouse to be responsible, matured and pragmatic.

• Moon in the seventh house or conjunct with Darapada: The person wants a partner who is sentimental and caring.

• Venus in the seventh house or linked with Darapada: for this person looks overpower everything. This person wants a partner who is good looking and beautiful or handsome.

• Jupiter or Mercury in the seventh house or linked with Darapada: this person wants a spouse who is hardworking, smart, witty, highly educated, religious, loyal and honest.

• Mars in the seventh house or conjunct with Darapada: This person wants a partner who is courageous, sporting, bold, who loves sports and is also adventurous.

All these are the desires of the individual; what he gets is directly dependent on the Navamas sign of seventh lord and seventh house in Navamas.

An EndNote

Thus, we can say Navamas Lagna holds vital importance in predicting your future and married lie. A strong Navamas Lagna creates a way for a smooth married life and the desired spouse.

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