The Power Of Rudraksha And Its Significance

The word Rudraksha is a combination of ‘Rudra’ and ‘Aksha’ which means the teardrop of Lord Shiva. According to the legend, these teardrops of Lord Shiva fell on the earth in the form of the Rudraksha plant. There are many stories about Rudraksha in Hindu mythology. It also finds its mention in the Vedic scriptures as well. Initially, it was held in high regard due to its association with Lord Shiva, but gradually it got known for its healing powers. It is believed that these beads contain electromagnetic properties that influence human physiology.


The significance of Rudraksha

Rudraksha is of religious significance. It prevents any negative energy and brings success and prosperity in our lives. Found in some special trees in the peaks of Himalayas, they contain healing powers to fight the negative impacts of the planets.

Every bead contains clefts with varying numbers from one to twenty-one. To make the most of it, the user must keep it near him. They are well known for their healing powers. Wearing a Rudraksha garland is said to protect the mind, body, and soul of the wearer from negative energies and thus, attracts positivity.

Recently, scientific studies are being made to identify how amazing their healing powers can be and how it works. Each bead possesses unique properties. It is helpful in curing diseases such as epilepsy, blood pressure, hypertension, whooping cough, and wounds. As per astrologers, wearing Rudraksha helps in getting the blessings of the nine planets.

Different types of Rudraksha

Different Rudraksha has different effects on human beings. For instance, Gauri Shankar Rudraksha is a special kind of Rudraksha, which is extremely influential. It consists of two beads joined together. This special Rudraksha reduces the aging process and helps in attaining peace and harmony in life. It also represents Shiva and Parvati and their eternal bond. Hence, it helps to improve marital relationships and brings joy. Possessing this Rudraksha increases attraction and attention of the opposite sex. However, one needs to handle it with utmost care. Siddh Rudraksha is again popular since it helps in achieving boundless health, wealth and progress in life.

The Ek-Mukhi Rudraksha brings immense power and luxury and boosts confidence and spiritually enriches. It is the best of all the Rudraksha beads. It provides you with all the worldly pleasures and helps to attain perfection even in after-life. The beads help in developing harmonious relationships. They significantly control anger, frustration, and lack of concentration. It helps in meditation and attaining spiritual merit also becomes easier. One can get rid of depression, negativity, inferiority complex, and guilty feeling. Besides imparting knowledge, health and wealth, it also cures jaundice. People who wear it always remain healthy and active.

Astrological Significance of Rudraksha

Astrologically as well these beads hold a lot of importance. Every bead has a number of vertical lines. The Rudraksha beads commonly have a mantra, a ruling planet, and also a ruling god. A person can select a bead linked with a relevant planet after consulting with an astrologer. For people who believe in astrology look for remedies when they wear these Rudraksha beads. People having an astrological problem related to a particular planet can wear Rudraksha to get an astrological remedy. If used correctly, these Rudraksha also help in opening the third eye chakras.

An EndNote

Besides all of the benefits, it demands utmost care and attention. If handled with care, it can help you achieve more. Hence, consult an astrologer before choosing or buying one to get comprehensive benefits or you could contact us to get an authentic Rudraksha which has been purified and energized by our learned pundits.

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