Top 5 Gemstones for Career Growth

Gemstones are semi-precious stones found on earth. They are mineral based rocks or organic crystals, which are polished & refined and used for different purposes. Most gemstones are solid, but few are soft minerals as well. As per their physical properties or the shine they possess, they are either used in jewelry or other artifacts. Certain gemstones are rarely available thus resulting in a higher value of those crystals. The gemstone maker is usually called a lapidary or a gem cutter. Astrologers recommend gemstones to people due to its positive effects and also to deal with various malefic effects due to the placement of planets in their birth chart.


Gems and their effectiveness

People who often suffer from stress and failure prefer wearing specific gemstone to get efficacious results. However, there are some thumb rules, which need to be followed to make it more effective. Wearing the gemstone that works in resonance with the ascendant lord 5th and lord 9th is fruitful. The weight of the gemstone matters too. It should be in accordance with the weight of the native. Though experts observe many other things too before recommendation, these two are the essential facts that every astrologer takes care of.

Gems that result in good career growth

A good and satisfying career is what everyone needs. Any hitches in that can cause a significant drift in the normal routine & behavior thus greatly affecting a person’s mental health. To provide a solution to it, here is a list of gemstone that boosts career growth:

Red Coral (Moonga)

Corals are technically the aquatic vertebrate carcasses. They are collected then sent to gem makers for finishing, refining and cutting before they can be used. They are either structured into attractive showpieces or embedded as gems in the rings or pendants. Astrologically, Red coral is linked with the planet Mars (Mangal), which is also known for passion. Wearer of this stone enhances the courage and strength. People engaged in physical activity must use it for best results like farmers, military or police force.


Emerald is a green gemstone, which comes from a mineral, Beryl. It is quite a popular gem when it comes to jewelry. It represents the planet Mercury (Budh), which is related to wisdom. Wearer often experiences open communication, intelligent moves, smart thinking and sharp vision, which makes the person unstoppable. It is extremely useful for people who are appearing for competitive exams. It is also good for an aspiring career in law. Candidate’s who are finding their way up in the field of media can also wear it. Emerald imparts focus along with good memory when wore rightly as per charts.


Red or pink Ruby is a semi-precious stone. It comes from the mineral clan Corundum. Sun is the ruling planet for Ruby. It governs the soul of the wearer. By installing courage and confidence, it attracts people towards the wearer. People involved in politics, business or leadership, should wear this stone. This invokes leadership quality by helping in good decision making and seeking the attention of others.

White opal gemstone

White opal stone (found in Australia) represents Lordship of Venus (Shukra), which gives a soothing effect to the wearer. It imparts beauty and intelligence. It not only brings attentiveness but also enhances the hidden talent of the native. For creative people, this is the best gemstone to produce positive results.


Orange-brown color comes from the family of garnet; Hessonite or Gomed is a gemstone with a high sheen. Rahu being the ruling planet, it provides strength and a materialistic pleasure to the wearer in the mahadasha. Hessonite gemstone helps those in the field of technology, pilots, software, electronics, and mechanics.

Role of gemstones

Thus, the gemstones motivate a positive interaction between two people enabling them to have a profitable dealing. Quite beautiful and attractive in shape, the stone confiscates any negative energy from within the person and progress them towards becoming successful.

Just remember to wear natural, untreated and certified gemstones for best results and keep doing good karma so that the gemstones does not diminish their effects while you wear them. You could also get the required gems from our institution at Jodhpur. The gems which you purchase here have been purified and energized by reciting mantras related to it by our learned pundits. Sometimes, with these efforts, we need the luck to favor us too to achieve those goals.

In today’s dynamic world, what else can be considered as a lucky charm than a suitable powerful gemstone for career luck, which astrologically and metaphysically gives us strength, power, and success to fulfill our destinies and desires?

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