Will you be a successful Hotel Owner?

Hotels are amongst the most visible and important aspects of a countries infrastructure. Tourism, Hospitality and Hotel industry has immerged as one of the key drivers of growth among the services sector giving numerous employment and business opportunities. As this career is about glamour and attitude to serve and please people therefore temperament and presentation skills contribute immensely to the success in this sector.

There is a lot of hard work involved in managing a successful hotel. One cannot afford to remain complacent and expect the guest to return to your hotel anyway. The diversity of experience in hotel management is greater than any other profession. Hotel industry involves combination of various skills like management, food and beverage service, housekeeping, front office operation, sales and marketing , accounting. Today, the rise in corporate activity as well as the wish to travel on holiday has made the hotel industry a competitive one.

How Astrology Can Determine Your Success In Hotel Business?

In order to analyze success in a hotel business, you need to study second, fourth and eleventh house of the Horoscope. These houses are considered to be very influential for the native who wishes to start a Motel or Hotel business. Moreover, the presence of Venus in this region is also considered to be important. This Yoga is also formed when Ketu, Mars and Rahu form a relation. Tenth house is associated with a successful business. On the other hand, seventh house is associated with the public. The second house is associated with voice and food. Hence, all these houses have an important place in forming this yoga.

Venus and Rahu’s relation with other planets takes a person towards hotel business. If the Lord of tenth house is with Venus or powerful Venus is the Lord of tenth house, a person gets some good opportunities to establish a hotel business. Since Mars is a fiery planet, it is also considered to be important. It gives a person the ability to manage a business.

Other Things Considered For A Successful Hotel Business in Astrology

Few other things are also very important and should be considered if we want to make a refined analysis of a horoscope.

  • It is considered to be auspicious if Mars, Venus and Rahu are in a good state in seventh house. Saturn, the significator for public, also needs to be in a good state.
  • You will receive benefits from your business if two or more planets out of Venus, Mars, Rahu, Saturn etc. are in your house of wealth.
  • Mercury also plays an important role in hotel business. It is the significator planet for business. You will achieve success in hotel business if Saturn is the Lord of fourth house and it is present with either the Lord of Ascendant or house of Karma in a center or trine house.
  • If your horoscope’s ascendant is in Aries sign and the Lord of tenth and eleventh house, Saturn, is exalted in ninth house and aspects Mars, while Mars aspects house of energy, you may be inclined towards hotel business.
  • You will achieve success in hotel business if the Lords of ninth, tenth and eleventh house form relations with Mars, Venus etc.
  • You will be inclined towards setting up a hotel business, if the Lord of Ascendant is in fourth house with Saturn or the Lord of fourth house, and Mars in tenth house is forming a relation with Venus,.
  • It is auspicious if the Lord of house of wealth and Lord of Ascendant are Mercury and Venus respectively. It is also auspicious if Mercury aspects the house of fortune and Jupiter is in the house of benefits while aspecting Mercury. The Lord of house of happiness should be in its own sign and influencing the house of Karma. You also achieve success if Mars affects Venus and the house of fortune in any way.
  • You achieve success in this business if Mercury is either in Mars, Venus or Saturn’s sign or their Nakshatras. The Lord of second house should be in house of wealth, house of benefits or first house. The Lord of fourth house should also be in the house of karma and influence the Ascendant.
  • You will be inclined towards hotel business if the Lord of Ascendant is with Mars and Venus while residing in fifth house and forming a relation with Jupiter. The Lord of Ascendant, Sun and Moon should be aspecting each other too.
  • You achieve a lot of success in hotel business if the Lord of fourth house, Saturn, is with Venus and Rahu in Ascendant and aspecting Mars. If your Kundali has a lot of such Yogas, you achieve a lot of success in hotel business.

So my friends, these are the permutations and combinations required by a native to be successful in a Motel business. I hope you have liked this topic, do send me your thoughts or queries so that we could discuss more and more such topics concerning your well being. Thank you and have a wonderful month ahead.

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