Frequently Asked Questions

Here are our frequently asked questions for India. If you can’t find yours, write us.

Cancellation and Reimbursement

We dispatch the orders rapidly as soon as we receive a request. So, kindly wait for confirmation by e-mail that your request for cancellation has been met in time and has been successful. In the meantime, please wait for our email more information.
Once your order has been cancelled / refunded we will email you with proof of the cancellation / refund.
Yes, you can ask for a cancellation of parts of your order through email at [email protected]


Deliveries are made during office hours 9am – 6pm.

The couriers deliver during office hours and for more specific details you can contact the courier directly.
The courier will leave a delivery card for you to contact them in order to re-arrange delivery.
Any of your family members present in the house can sign for the parcel, but they will be asked to show some proof of identification.
Open the parcel in the presence of delivery man to ensure that the parcel is in good condition and that all the items in the box correspond to your invoice.
Try reaching the contact details of courier department present on the delivery slip within 24 hours after receiving merchandise and request to open an investigation file. The person will conduct the necessary investigation concerning the damaged parcel. They will then provide you with a report that you can send back to us along with the product. After receiving the product, we will either reship your order or offer you a full refund. For opened or damaged DPD deliveries, DO NOT sign for or accept the parcel; and instruct the driver to return the parcel to us. In both cases, please contact us immediately.
If you find someone else’s order in the box that was delivered to you, please inform us via email at [email protected] We will investigate further and advise on the appropriate course of action.
Orders are dispatched in multiple packages so as to speed up the shipping process. Reasons for delay could be different; however, we will keep you posted with every update about your merchandise.
The order is placed in the similar way on our website – – like you do on other websites. Simply choose your product – add to cart – check out pick your delivery option and payment mode and exit.

Learn Astrology

The educational methodology adopted by the Adhyatmik sadhana siddhi center is different from the class – teaching system of traditional universities, As opposed to regular class room teaching, it is based on swadhyaya or self study. It is a student-centered methodology. The responsibility of active study is cast primarily on the student. For those who wish to prosecute their studies through correspondence course, rather than through regular classes, the methodology prescribed includes the following component. Study material prescribed by most qualified and experienced specialists or faculty. This study material has been scientifically prepared for the students studying under correspondence course methodology or scheme. The centre sees to it that the study material reaches every student who has been admitted as such. Sessional work for internal assessment lectures by highly qualified scholars through audio visual means or aids discussion with consultants and subject experts are some of the things they get exposed to.
The registered candidates of the Adhyatmik Sadhana Siddhi Kendra are furnished with study material of high quality. This study material is sent to those students who self-study on a regular basis. It is prepared by speculations and written in a certain format. The entire syllabus is divided into units; in the beginning of each unit an outline of the complete unit is specified. This outline contains the objective and the presentation followed by the details of the content or knowledge aspect.

All this is documented in small paragraphs which are easy to understand; self evaluation questions are also given intermittently. This enables the student to assesses and evaluate his own progress. Apart from this, a list of relevant books is also given so that the student learns things and be able to study at home.

The registered candidates of the Adhyatmik Sadhana Siddhi Kendra are equipped with study material of high quality. This study material is sent especially to those students who self-study. It is prepared by speculations and is written in a certain format. The entire syllabus is divided into units; in the beginning of each unit an outline of the complete unit is specified. This outline includes the objective and the presentation followed by the details of the content or knowledge aspect.

All this is documented in small paragraphs that are easy to understand; self evaluation questions are also given intermittently. This enables the student to assesses and evaluate his own progress. Apart from this, a list of relevant books is also given so that the student learns things and be able to study at home.
Examination or Evaluation system.

Sessional work- The centre gives sessional works in each paper of the syllabus opted by the student. Students can do it at home; it is a way of internal assessment. It is expected that on account of internal assessment system the student will study regularly and continuously the marks obtained in the sessionals are added in the finals their weightage in the examination is 30%.
The final or the end of the session exam on completion of the presented period of the syllabus, the center arranged the final examination. The weightage of this exam is 70%. It is arranged in January and July every year.


The candidate is required to pass in the sessional as well as the final exams separately. In the final exam the candidate must obtain minimum 21 marks out of 70 and in the sessionals minimum 9 out of 30 otherwise the candidate …………………………. .

Internal assessment

When the candidate gets the study material units and internal assessment work then he must immediately check and ensure that no paper is missing and if the candidate finds any paper missing even by the time he is writing the answer, he must inform the centre immediately.
The candidate should write his Roll No. correctly. Failure to do so may create complications for him. The candidate should himself keep an account of the internal assessment work received and of the corrected internal assessment work returned to him.
1. Jyotish Manishi- This is a 6 month syllabus, that is a diploma course. In this course there will be 24 correspondence course items and 3 examinations and 3 seminars. The bi-monthly exam will be completed along with the seminar. A project of 50 marks will have to be compulsorily undertaken by every candidate.

Unit -1 Panchang Parichaya
The form (or swaroop) of the grahas, the scientific aspect of the grahas, The drishti of the grahas. Exam material 50 marks.

Unit -2 Rashi Naam
Rashi parichaya, dasha, antardasha gyan detailed knowledge of various aspects of the dashas. Exam material 50 marks.

Unit -3: Bhava + Bhava phal, to examine kundali, analysis and interpretation of the sthool aspects of the kundali milaan. Exam material 50 marks.

Special Note:- 6 Patraks of each unit will be sent to the candidates. In the study material 5 questions of 3 marks each, 5 question of 5 marks each + one question of 10 marks is compulsory.

(Books) Prarambhik Shabd Bodh Jyotish Seekhiye Bharatiya Jyotish : Shri Chand Shastri Prarambhik Jyotish Panchang Akkhade Chakra Course Qualification, Course period + Fees 1. Jyotish Manishi Snatak – 6 Months Rs. 5500

Address for correspondence for further information.
Adhyatmik Saadhana Siddhi Kendra,
19-20 A, High Court Colony, Jodhpur-3429001 (Raj), India
Phone No. 0291-5190000, 2432625, 2646625

Offers and Services

You can regularly find special offers and promotions on our site, for special events and holidays such as Christmas/Easter/Mothers day. We also offer special discounts in the form of Gift voucher which will be launching soon.
The Gift Vouchers can be bought online.


You can place your order online or by sending us an email to [email protected]
We offer 4 payment options for your convenience: Credit card, Pay order, Bank Transfer and Cheques. Please note that goods will only be dispatched after clearing of the cheques.
Yes we do take orders by email, but for security reasons a couple of checks will be made on the identity of the persons. And credit card payments cant be accepted for email orders.
We use one of the most reliable secure payment systems available on the Internet: ICICI back Secure Seal 128bit encrypted payment gateway. For more information, visit All of your personal details are protected and encrypted before they are sent for processing.
For security reasons, your card is charged on the day of your order.
At the end of the order process, select the bank transfer option and you will be guided through the transfer process. You will be given the relevant our bank account numbers that you need to use when processing the transfer through your bank. You can also deposit cash in our account and email us the details of the same. We only dispatch your product once the payment is received. Please bear in mind that bank transfers can take a few days to be processed.
Due to credit card security policies, once you have placed an order we cannot add items to it. You would need to order separately or to cancel the current order and place a new one.
After the order is placed, we confirm it by email. You can log in to this tool by using your email and the password you used when you placed the order. After the order is dispatched, you can follow the delivery with the tracking number that the courier provides. The tracking number will also be emailed to you.
For your security, every single order goes through a security check. Complementary information will be required by e-mail or fax in order to validate your order. Consequently, in order to proceed with your order, we would need one of the following from you:

  • An alternative email address (for security reasons, we cannot validate orders with anonymous email addresses attached)

  • A landline telephone number (company or home line) that can be checked on the directory (Electoral roll, BT White pages, Yellow pages, etc.) Please note that mobile phone numbers are not acceptable.

  • For all orders, we ask you to send us a fax of any of your ID proof (driving license, utility bill, or equivalent) to the fax numbers specified.
  • We will inform you by email with an indication of the availability date. If this situation occurs, we will dispatch your order as soon as we receive the product.
    Express delivery via Blue dart, Gati, DTDC or any other courier service accessing your area. 2) All items delivered are insured and 100% safe till your door step. It’s your responsibility to check the order correctly and the content of the package before signing the accepting the goods.3) Delivery to the PICK-UP store in Mumbai and other locations in country will be coming in soon.
    Depending on the location and the delivery mode it takes between 2-14working days. Each shipment is taken in a separate case and the client is informed about the same. Special import orders might even take longer.
    Yes, but the order has to be placed on the website of the country where you want it to be delivered, and bear in mind that for the security check you will be ask for some documentation that links you to the delivery address. For all other countries we are not present, its customer’s responsibility to pay for the customs of any other charges incurred due to the same.
    Yes, if the order has not been validated you can change the delivery address with us. If the order has already been dispatched, you will need to change the address yourself with the courier. Please note that this is at your own risk, the delivery may get delayed. Furthermore, the courier may require proof of identity.
    When your order is dispatched, you will receive a tracking number for your parcel by email. With the tracking number you can track the delivery of your parcel online.
    The invoice can be found along with your order.
    If I order merchandise from your site again, my personal details will be saved or I will have to go through the order process from the beginning
    Your personal details will be saved and if you place a new order, your personal details will appear when you enter your email and password. For security reasons, we do not stock your card details, so these will need to be re-entered with each new order.
    If your order status is saying pending, please check your email – the problem might be with the security check that has not been carried out. Or, it might be that the product you have ordered is temporarily out of stock.
    If the courier misplaces a parcel during the delivery, we will follow a standard process of opening a search file with the courier. This investigation normally takes 3-5 working days, and if the parcel cannot be found, your order will be re-shipped.
    Yes we do make International deliveries.


    Products and Stock

    This is a dynamic search engine. There are several ways to look for products on our site. You can search by brand under the dropdown menu under manufacturer or by keyword or from the main Search headings at the top of the website. You can also search entering the product name in the second box eg. You can put in ‘laptop’ and all laptop under all manufacturers will be displayed. Also if you are entering search through value just enter the amount under type rate wise and all products under the value enter will be displayed.
    Product availability is updated daily. In case of an availability problem, where the number of orders exceeds the current stock level, you will be informed by email or call with an expected availability and delivery time for your order.
    All the products available are shown on the website.
    All the products we sell are ASIAN SPECIFICATION, they are models that the manufacturers sell in Asia. Some products may come with 2 pin plugs, however please note that we provide, free of charge, an adapter for the Indian 3-pin plug. Also some products and a few other models occasionally do not come with English instructions. This is always indicated in the technical information of the product and links to the English downloads that are provided. In this regard, we send you a photocopy of an English manual along with the original manual or it can also be downloaded from some of the manufacturers’ site.

    Warranty and After-Sales Service

    No, you cannot return or exchange any goods once it is sold.
    In the first year, contact the manufacturer to find out the specific return procedure and other details. In the second year, email us and depending on your location we will tell you where to send the products.
    When your product malfunctions and our technical analysis reveals that the malfunctioning is covered under warranty, we will reimburse you for shipping fees as gift vouchers. Please keep a record of your shipping fees and send us a copy, indicating your order number, via postal courier on this address: SHRI SURESH SHRIMALI, ADHYATMIK SADHNA SIDDHI KENDRA, 19-20 A, HIGH COURT COLONY, RATANADA ,JODHPUR-342 001(RAJ), INDIA. NB: If the malfunctioning is not covered by the warranty (for accidents, shocks etc.), shipping fees will not be reimbursed.
    Please use any reliable courier service. I have a question about the product that I have returned. Products that have been returned to, take approximately 2 weeks to reach us. They then undergo a preliminary technical inspection which takes a few days. At this stage is it registered on the system. You will then receive notification by e-mail that the product has been entered on the system for the next step