Sarva sukh samridhi dayak

You must have seen we believe shells called cowries. People sometimes play with the cowries, others make a hole in it and make their wear it. Many people put them safe in their boxes and many others put them in their ‘chest’ or ‘safe’ etc. there are people who make a Toran from these cowries and put it up at the entrance of the house, while some others pack them up in a small bag and hang the bag outside their shop.

In fact, the cowries symbolize goddess Laxmi – the goddess of wealth where there are cowries, Laxmi , there makes her advent. Who would not like that Laxmi makes her advent in ones house or ones business establishment ? on the diwali festival, cowries are also non shipped along with the goddess Laxmi.

In case you too are struggling against reduced profits, or the number of customers/ clients is going down, it is recommended that 11 cowries may be dyed with the turmeric colour and they be kept safe in your chest or else 11 cowries be put in small bag and he bag may be hanged out side your shop.

If you are unemployed or have got nothing but disappointment even after prosecuting so many vocations or occupations, or else are economically in adverse circumstances, this sadhana this practice the kanakdhara sadhana is likely to be particularly fruit ful to you by way of immediate relief. The kanakdhara yantra has a certain speciality, in that the yantra itself takes the family forwards towards better ment and automatically paves such a paths that lead to some new avenues of earning money. And by treading these paths the devotee or the family man is able to get out of the state of want, ful filling his long felt needs the kanakdhara yantra is particularly helpful in the matter of acquisition of the parental property.

1. If an unemployed follow worships this yantra kanak dhara yantra in this authors books Shri yantrarahasya and Laxmi tantra sahana it your do this recital these can be no doubt in the fulfillment fo our wish. You may instar the Shri yantra in your house or your place of work or firm or wear a shri yantra ring or a shri yantra laxket on your person. Given below is table of shri yantra containing the names of the various shri yantras that are available with adhyantmik sadhana siddhi Kendra. You may write a reply post card on make a phone call for placing an order. He will get a job within 90 days time.

2. If your business is not showing signs of any progress, then you should worship the yantra kanakdhara as many times your can.

3. Like in case of shri yantra, by the worship of the kanakdhara yantra your house or shop can be a long term abode of Laxmi.

It has been often seen that some couples do not beget children at all, or else, a dead child is delivered, in still other cases, only girl-children are born.

Such couples take to seeking fulfillment of their wishes from various temples or shrines and resorts to various kinds or worships and to fasting, but to no avail. This particular yantra the santan gopal yantra has received its cutting edge from so many tried and empirical experiments. It is only on the strength of this, that our center claims that this yantra has got a definite and unmistakable effect through this yantra whereas one begets the children of the sex.He wishes for, one also gets an opportunity of a systematic worship/ service of the Bal Gopals or the children.

The practice of sadhana of this yantra is bound to be lightly effective. This practice or sadhana is not an easy on, it is a 90 day long hard sadhana or practice the sadhana/ practice along with the complete along with the complete procedure and regulations is sent with the vidhi yantra ordinarily Santan Gopal yantra is constructed and subjected to pran pratishtha in two ways but if the couple wishes to subject it to pran pratishtha in two names, additional money will be charged.
It has been seen that often the parents tend to be tense on account of obstacles in the way of the marriages of their children. Obstacles can be many e despite the marriageable age, the marriage does not take place, the proposals do not materialize or things do not go beyond engagement .

Problems like these are not limited to one or two houses today- this is the story of every house. If there is any real burden on the shoulders of the old tagging parents, it is the matter of their adult children’s marriages the parents feel happy and good only when they are relived of this responsibility. The problems in this behalf are many some are natural, others are artificially created. An answer to all these problems is only one the use of katyayani. Martre if the katyanani yantra is made use of, with due procedure of method, good and favorable results seemed to follow, within 90 days.
This is the age of commercialisation. Enmities are easily created in these times of made race for money there are unknown fears haunting us all the time. Often the danger is from side of our professional reveals. Because today the people are worried more on account of others happiness than his won worries. Rivals in profession are all the time on a look out for squaring up their grievances against you. Property matters dominate the court scene.

Fired of harassment in the courts, people are sometimes prompted to commit suicides many physical ailments too overtake you and afflict you. In a situation like this one must seek the aid of the Bagla mukhi yantra buy making use of this yantra you will be relieved of unknown fears and the fears from the enemies that may be haunting you all the time.

Out have at our center spiritual sadhana siddhi. Kendra, various yantras devices and lockets are constructed for being used in Bagla mukhi sadhana or practice.  


Whenever you are beginning the worship of Ma katyayani yantra, you should take the following steps for helping you in the removal of the obstacles in your matrimony:-

Take a coconut – dry coconut on the Monday falling next to the day of beginning this worship. Now mix sugar, Til, Oil & Wheat together and insert the mixture inside the Gota of the coconut by making a hole in it. The Gota (the inner ball of coconut) may now be placed at some place in the house. The next day i.e. on Tuesday you should go yourself and place the Gota inside the soil at a point where there are ‘ants’ around. The idea is heat the ‘ants’ around may be fed on the mixture i.e. the may get food to eat. You should then come back but mind you that you donot utter anything by your mouth in the way, that is, you should keep quite silent when taking the Gota to the place in the soil and while coming back home.

This thing you have to repeat every Tuesday for 13 weeks and thereafter on every Saturday for 13 weeks.

This experiment is supported to be done on every Wednesday Doorva grass & red flowers are to be offered. Offered in a Ganpati temple, then sitting there itself. One round of the recitation of the Mantra ‘Oum Gan ganpateya Namah’ is to be done. After this you should take a little turf and red flowers and may carry them home and put them either in a chest or in the prayer room. All this should be done on each Wednesday and at least for 13 Wednesday by doing this you will enlist the blessing of Lord Ganpathi and all your wishes will be fulfilled and all your problems will vanish by and by.

(Husband and wife ill disposed towards each other) experiment only for women :-

Take the following :- Red coloured thread of the length equal to the height of the husband, sindoor tow pinchful , two dry fruit clove treated in deshi ghee 2 camphor pouches.

Thus experiment is to be done on Saturday night between 11 PM to 3AM. All these materials should be burnt in an earthier lamp. When all this material ashes may be smudged by the woman on her forehead this may be done in the morning as well as evening. This experiment will help you in fulfilling your wishes and improve your marital life.

We often come across many students who are no doubt hard working but unfortunately they forget everything the moment they read the examination hall. If the success seems doubtful or there are any obstacles or problems at the time of taking the exam, the student should wear this yantra, and we are sure that every problem in this regard will ultimately solved. Procedure / methodology – make the following yantra on Wednesday by scribing the yantra on a Bhoj Patra with pen made of Pomegranate and in keshar (saffron) ink. After scribing it seven rounds of the following mantra chanting is to be done.

8 3 4
1 5 9
6 7 2

Mantra:- Oum ek danta, maha buddhih
Sarva saubhagyadayakah
Sarva siddhi karo Dev Gauri
Putron vinayakah.

There after the above yantra should be placed inside a tabij or amulet it may then be kept in your bag or may be worn on the neck or the arm. The use of this yantra is likely to serve as e eating edge to your hard work and you are thus, bound to get through the exams creditably.

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