Astrological remedies for late marriage

Marriage is an essential event in human life. Along with all the worldly factors, planets in one’s birth chart also have an impact on the timely occurrence of marriage. Many eligible girls & boys face the issue of delayed marriage & they think they are running out of suitable marriageable options. It is certain planets & their positions that lead to specific kinds of ‘Doshas’ thereby causing an impediment in the way of marriage.

As per the ancient astrological science, 7th house in a native’s birth chart determines his/her marriage prospects. In particular, planets Venus & Mercury have a strong association with marriage, love & relationships. Hence, native & their parents need to be aware of the planet positions & doshas to do timely & appropriate astrological remedies for the delayed marriage.

As per Hinduism & ancient astrology science, compatibility between a girl & boy needs to be checked through their birth charts. This is the stage where one can have a fair idea of how this association will be in future. Thus, the determined compatibility is very much crucial for a smooth & positive married life.

However, some natives find it very difficult to get a suitable partner. One of the reasons can be a planetary position in their birth chart. We have identified & listed some of the effective remedies for late marriage, which may help a person to overcome the hurdle of delayed marriage & move forward in their life.

Best solutions advised by astrologers to avoid delays in marriage

Here are a few solutions or remedies that people can follow to avoid delays in marriage:

  • One has to worship goddess Lakshmi & God Ganpati.
  • Offering sweets & cosmetics to little girls on Thursdays will bring a positive impact on a person’s planet positions.
  • A person can pour sacred water on Shivling daily to get the desired result.
  • Worshipping Shiva & Parvati together daily is very auspicious and cures any delay.
  • Whenever possible, one should take a bath using water mixed with a pinch of Haldi. This is one of the easiest & effective remedies for late marriage.
  • Boys seeking timely marriage should worship Lord Ganesha for blessings; this is proved to be a very effective remedy.
  • Girls are advised to observe fast on every Monday. Also, offer milk to Lord Shiva on the same day to seek his blessing to find a perfect soul mate.
  • One should offer 5 Laddoos on Thursdays in Vishnu Lakshmi temple & also has to pray to get married at the earliest.
  • Girls seeing timely marriage should wear a Gauri Shankar Rudraksha tied in a red colored thread on Monday.
  • In order to expedite the partner finding process one can also keep an image of Lord Shiva & Parvati together under the pillow or mattress.
  • One can attain the desired result by wearing red-colored clothes on every Thursday religiously.
  • To end delay in marriage, bring a root of a banana tree during auspicious mahurat & worship. After the worship, wrap the root in a yellow cloth.

Effective mantras for chanting

Given below are few effective and powerful mantras that people can recite to bring a change in planetary positions and please the gods; thus avoiding delays in marriage:

  • Girls can recite the below-mentioned mantra to cure the delay in marriage. This mantra needs to be recited 108 times a day in a peaceful surrounding & in the east facing position. This supremely effective mantra can help in a significant way.
    !! OmNamoBhagwateRukminiVallaabhayeSwaha!!
  • Boys can recite the given mantra 108 times daily to achieve the desired result. Also, the recitation has to happen in a calm & auspicious atmosphere & seating position has to be facing east.
    “PatniManormaDehiManovaratanusarinim!TariniDurgsansarsagrasayaKulodbhawam !!”
  • A person seeking timely marriage can chant the below Durga Saptashimatra 108 times & perform aarti seven times with a utensil of copper filled with water.
    “Ya Devi sarvabhuteshi ma Gaurirupensamsihita |
  • One should worship Vishnu Idol on a Thursday & chant the below mantra at least three times. Also, avoiding salt on this day is advisable.
    “Om BrumBrhaspataye Namah”
  • Anybody between the age of 36-40 needs to offer 108 bel patra leaves with milk & water to Shivalinga on Monday. The offering has to happen along with the below mantra.
    “Om Namah Shivaya”
  • The person should wear yellow colored clothes on every Thursday without fail. Also, for 9 Thursdays offering milk and water to Shivalinga with chanting of the below mantra will do miraculous effect.
    “Om Parvatipataye Namah”
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