How One’s Personality is Influenced by Birth Time?


How one’s personality is influenced by Birth time?

The ancient science of astrology has gifted mankind ways to decode human life in the most amazing way. The planetary position at the time of one’s birth determines the personality & behavioral characteristics of the person. This is the reason why even kids from the same parents have diverse individuality. Let us have an epigrammatic glimpse at the close association of birth-time & personality.

Native Born During the Morning & Afternoon

Mars & Sun are quite powerful during the daytime. However, during dusk & dawn, Jupiter starts to dominate. Also, in the case of Sun’s position if a person has Sun in the 1st house; this person was born during the early morning time. As the Sun moves from 1st to 10th house, it offers a different impact. Here are some of the specific & prominent effects of the Sun on one’s personality. In the 1st house, the person will have a square face cut.

This person will have good blood circulation, which will appear on the face as a good glow. In the 2nd house, Sun would lead a person to travel excessively. Under this condition, Sun will grant ample energy to the individual along with the hard-working nature & correct approach. In the 10th house, the native has a bright chance of doing well in politics & general governance.

These people are likely to maintain their power & position throughout their lifetime. In 11th house, Sun will grant a lot of wealth to the native. It will also help the person to be excellent in academics & general wisdom. With Sun’s movement forward after 10th house, which denotes birth during the later afternoon, this leads the person to be spiritually sound. This person will also have a very powerful long-term vision & would possess the ability to heal. With healing power, this person is likely to end up being an astrologer, doctor, healer &, etc.

On the other hand, Mars is also considered very strong during the daytime. In 7th & 8th house, Mars would grant immense mental & physical energy to the native. Also in this position, it will cause issues in marital life. In case one is born at the time of Sunrise, he/she needs to work harder to maintain focus, memory & relationship with others.

Native Born During the Evening & Night

Moon, Saturn & Venus are very powerful during the night. During Dusk Rahu is very strong. Rahu always offers positive results from 3 am until one hour before sunrise. In case the Sun is positioned in the 7th house, this indicates that the person has been born during sunset. A person born during the evening has to work a little harder to obtain success in his/her life.

During dusk time if any native is born, he possesses good mental strength but a weaker body. During the night Sun becomes weak & every aspect related to Sun-like status, father, and reputation always attracts some or another kind of struggle. This phenomenon also makes the jaw & heart weak for a native. This native will also have an adverse impact on willpower & energy. But, this condition leads to spiritual progress.

A person born during night generally is a very emotional one & always need external motivation. During the night moon becomes stronger, hence post 2 pm till dusk it is at its peak. People born during late-night need a guru or a mentor to help & guide them. These people are excessively emotional by nature. These natives are likely to gain good support from their mother or mother’s family.

For these individuals, the mother can also become a strong source of motivation & inspiration. These natives possess greater concentration power, which may help them to be good consultants, designers as well as healers. However, these people will not prove to be good at practical activities, which may carry some stress. Hence they perform better in isolation than as a team member.

An EndNote

Time of birth is of vital importance to understand one’s personality. A deeper understanding of a person does help under several scenarios. Even though the most frequently used situation is for the matrimonial purpose, but is not restricted to that. Knowing the personality of an individual can also help in applying appropriate parenting method for a child.

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